Quick Tips for Data Privacy

Data privacy is very important, so here are some key tips to keep you safe: Ensure your operating system and software are always updated, utilize antivirus software, use complex and unique passwords for every account (don’t use the same passwords), archive or delete data securely that you no longer need, monitor your online financial accounts, manage your privacy settings on all mobile devices, change your passwords when you learn of a data breach, only use free Wi-Fi networks in conjunction with a reliable VPN solution from a trusted vendor, and avoid phishing attacks on your email and social media. http://us.norton.com/wifi-privacy

Think Before You Click: How to Protect Yourself from Fake Antiviruses

Rogue antivirus software is malware that mimics authentic security software and which is distributed in through a variety of channels: emails, search engines, social media sites, and online advertising. So, here is how to avoid being infected with a fake antivirus: never open emails that include attachments from unknown and questionable senders; ensure that all your software is patched and updated regularly; and renew your software subscriptions annually (visit the vendor’s website as well to check for updates). Another good tip: keep a close eye on your bank/credit card accounts and be on the lookout for any unauthorized activity. 

Don’t Announce Your Travel Plans on Social Media

Making your travel plans known on social media is a real no-no. When you announce you are going away you are essentially telling people that you are not home. This means that thieves could break into your home while you are away and steal your valuable personal belongings. Keep your travel plans hush-hush, and post the fun and scenic pictures on social media after your vacation – that is when you get home. 

Click Your Smartphone to Lock and Unlock Your Door

Your smartphone is now your smart-key, thanks to new smart-lock technology now on the market, and there are scores of them available at affordable prices. Smart locks are easy to install too. Now, with the click of a button on your mobile device, you can lock and unlock your door with ease.

Let Siri Read to You

Tap Settings, then General and then Accessibility. In the vision section, turn on Speak Selection. Then you can highlight the section you want read to you and press: Speak. 

Keep Text Messages from Showing Up on Your Lock Screen

Go to your iPhone’s home screen, then tap Settings, then tap Notification Center and then tap Messages. Scroll down until you see: Show Preview, tap it, and switch it to: Off. 

Never Get Locked-Out Again

From your online accounts that is. Use a password manager to help create and remember secure password strings.  

Trade Roller Coasters for VR this Spring

The Void, a new virtual reality theme park based on the new Ghostbusters movie, is set to open in Times Square two weeks before the film’s theater debut.

Digitize Your Hand-Written Notes

Moleskine is making the transition from paper to screen by launching the Smart Writing Set, which uses a “smart” pen to transfer your notes to your tech devices.  

Prevent Headphone Cord Tangles

Wraps headphones can be worn as a bracelet around your wrist to help prevent those tangles wads in your pocket or purse from forming. 

There’s a New Web Browser in Town

A new challenger to Chrome and Firefox, Vivaldi, promises faster performance and more customizable functionality to power users.

Try a New and Improved Streaming Stick

A new version of the Roku Streaming Stick offers quicker performance, boot-up speeds and faster navigation.

It Might Be Time to Give Siri a Break

The new voice assistant app, Hound, uses speech-to-text learning to process and answer questions quickly and accurately.

Tweet for Tech Support

Apple has launched a tech support account on twitter, Apple Support, that will be mainly used to offer tips and tutorials to Apple product users.

Only Pay for the Data You Use

Google’s own mobile network, Project Fi, is now open to everyone in the US -- the new wireless service provider will only charge consumers for the data they use each month.

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