Calling All Travelers: Here is How to Beat the Cybercriminals While on the Road and At Home

By Paul Fitzgerald
You’re on vacation. Communication with friends, family and even the office is critical. 

Then you are hacked.

It actually happens every day across the United States and around the globe, but most importantly it happens at any time or at any place that you might find yourself. Vigilance is the new word for safety, especially for us smartphone, tablet and laptop users – it’s all a way of life while vacationing, or while spending time at the coffee shop, the pub, or the mall, to name a few locales. 

Cybercrime is on the rise in a big way and everyone is vulnerable to it. Whether it is your smartphone, your tablet or your laptop, the minute you log-on you are susceptible to a privacy invasion that can potentially compromise your personal life. 

Imagine you land in a different location, take a cab and check into your hotel. You will probably log into whatever wireless router is available and begin communications that might be of a sensitive or personal in nature. The same holds true when you are at your favorite social spot at home. 

Guess what, you are probably not the only one listening, reading or decrypting.  The moment you go online, with the exception of the highest level of government security, you really are vulnerable to the hackers, criminals and other interested parties who might find your information valuable. 

You might think you are alone, but you are not.

A recent example of hacking on a larger scale happened at the 2016 Rio Olympics this past summer. According to the news media and Olympic officials, hackers situated themselves outside of sports venues, hotels and social gathering places throughout the country in an attempt to gain banking and personal information from spectators, including U.S. citizens. Scores of spectators were unfortunately victims to cybercrime. The invisible villains are everywhere. They lurk everywhere you go. 

So, how do you prevent this invasive compromise to personal data and information?  Well, in fact you can't prevent it.  The only thing you can do is protect yourself with a wireless shield that disrupts the incursion of cyber hacks.  

You might not be able to stop a bullet in flight, but you can certainly armor yourself against serious injury.

Solutions are available and everyone should take a clear and hard look at protection. Hackers are out there and they don't care who you are. They want your information and your money. 

Here are some top tips to beat the cybercriminals while on the road and at home: 
  • Use cash as much as possible for payments
  • Use prepaid credit cards with a low balance (in the event your card is compromised/skimmed you will lose a lot less)
  • Use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) when you browse
  • Avoid using public computers and ‘Free Wi-Fi’
  • Ensure your devices all have passwords
  • Do not open spam emails or emails in question

Paul Fitzgerald is a science and technology writer with and blogs for CNN International Report. He is also tech and celebrity writer with Hoss Magazine, one of North America's leading home lifestyle publications. 

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